Kevin Hofmann
Kevin Hofmann is an accomplished writer and public speaker who has a passion for adoption, especially transracial adoption, and enjoys sharing his experiences as a biracial transracial adoptee to help other adoptive families. His book, GROWING UP BLACK AND WHITE, has helped many to see what life was like from the viewpoint of the adoptee. His perspective and light-hearted yet contemplative view is sought after by many and has made him a trusted voice in the adoption arena. He currently lives in Toledo, Ohio and shares his time with his wife and two teenage boys. Kevin sits on the board of Adopt America Network and also volunteers as a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) advocating for children in the child welfare system. Kevin is a trainer for the state of Ohio, training foster and adoptive parents as well as child welfare professionals in the areas of adoption and transracial adoption.

Tara VanderWoude
Tara VanderWoude is a social worker who educates parents on various adoption and race-related topics. She has experienced and studied the complexities of adoption and has had countless conversations with other adoption-competent professionals and fellow adopted persons and their families. Tara, a Korean-born adopted and adoptive parent, teaches with expertise using humor and grace. For several years, Tara worked as an adoption agency social worker, equipping families throughout the preparation phase to the post-adoption period. She recognizes the significant need for competent lifelong post-adoption education and ongoing support for the adoption community. Tara, a wife and mother lives in downtown Indianapolis. She believes humor, grace, and empathy are lifelong essentials and counts it a joy, privilege, and responsibility to share and educate others about the complexities of adoption.

We are excited to have Fostering Solutions at TRUE this year. We know in the past many of you who have come have been looking for practical information on how to take the next steps to become an adoptive or foster parent. Fostering Solutions will be able to do just that. They are located in Adrian, MI and currently recruiting new families as our community currently has more children than available homes in the foster care system. Join us March 10th to be encouraged, receive practical training and to connect with local agencies!

TJ & Jenn Menn
TJ is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and currently serves as an aviation officer in the Army. Jenn is a graduate of Trinity College of the Bible and is a certified member of the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors. She operates a small counseling practice. TJ and Jenn, are both graduates of the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. TJ and Jenn Menn are passionate advocates for disadvantaged children, and have welcomed twenty-two foster children into their home from multiple states across America. Ages have ranged from newborns through high school, as well as groups of siblings. TJ and Jenn are co-authors of the book, Faith to Foster: An All-American Story of Loving the Least of These. They currently parent six children and reside in New York.